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vibrating ‘I HAVE’! and the relationship with money

How do you feel about money?

If you have entered this post, there is a good chance that your financial situation is not exactly where you want it to be. Our relationship with money is one of the most important relationships in our lives. Not only it dictates many aspects of the quality of our life, but this relationship is one that makes us feel either safe or unsafe in our world.

Having money problems is a very uncomfortable situation, it can consume our thoughts and influence almost everything we do. It is often hard to admit, because some of us don’t want to believe money runs our life, we tell ourselves stories that make us feel balanced in our situation, but the truth is, no matter who we are, money is a huge part of our lives in today’s reality and having a good relationship with money is one of the keys to our peace of mind.

This subject was always under my radar and attention. Out of the few places I lived in, 3 have an intensely different social perspective when it comes to the issue of money. One is a community called kibbutz (socialism), the other is the world’s capitalism capital – New York City and the now in Berlin, where less than 30 years ago was under a communist regime. I think these 3 different perspectives, allow me to have a unique point of view and see for myself what is real and what are merely collective mental habits. For the sake of accuracy, I will add that off course there are many types of people and circles in these 3 places.

What’s your relationship with money?

The first question id like to ask is are you happy with your financial situation, or the direction it is going? If we want to change our financial reality, we must take a close look at how we vibrate with money and what exactly it represents to us. How do you feel when the subject is discussed? Do you feel worried? Scared? Tired?  Do you find yourself talking about it a lot? Do you often ask ‘is it expensive?’ or say ‘i bought XYZ today it was only 10.50’ and ‘ i walked home so saved on the cab money’ etc. How do you feel about people who have money?  did you ever say something like ‘ he is rich, BUT he’s a good guy’? How do you feel when you purchase something? How do you react when something is offered for you for free? How do you react when you lose money?

All these questions can provide you with a picture of what kind of financial vibration you carry and by understanding your energy, you might be able to take a step towards creating a new reality for yourself.

Moving towards prosperity mindset / how to vibrate ‘i have’

The subject of money raises many different emotions in different people, mostly strong ones. If you are reading this post, maybe you have some inner fight with the issue of money and maybe you even see it as a negative force that is running the world and your life. I’d like to offer some ideas that vibrate ‘I have’, ones that can bring you to make peace with money and enjoy it.

Not money, but prosperity

The first thing I’d like to offer is to transform the word ‘money’ to the word ‘prosperity’. I find for myself that it is easier for me to wish and dream about prosperity, rather than money. It’s not only easier but also much more accurate, because there are people who have a lot of money but not prosperity and vice versa. Prosperity is another word for abundance, it is a place of joy and stability and always involved a healthy state of mind. If you are not healthy, peaceful, happy, you are not indulging in prosperity. Prosperity’s vibration transmit ‘ I have, I’m provided’

What do you say and how does it feel?

How do you talk about money? Take a day or two and try to observe your words, each time you mention the subject of money or prosperity, make a mental note (or better yet, an actual note) and take in consideration that what you say affects your vibration tremendously. Once you realize your verbal relationship to money, ask yourself: What kind of story am I telling with my words? You might find that you are vibrating lack, not have and by changing your choice of words, you can start vibrating ‘i have’.

For example, do you often say ‘it’s expensive’? you might tell me, Noa somethings are too expensive for me and I can’t lie about it, but what if instead you would say ‘ i can’t afford it right now’ or even better ‘ one day soon, I’ll be able to afford it’. You can also say ‘i can find something just as good for a better price’. One is telling a story of something that is out of your reach and will remain so because if you say that something is expensive, you are making a mark and it might always be like that for you. On the other hand, if you state that it will soon be affordable for you, now without changing the context of the sentence, you have changed the vibration of it. Take a look at the notes you’ve made and find a way to transform your vocabulary to one that vibrates ‘I have’ or ‘i will have’.

How do you feel when you spend money?

This can be a very revealing contemplation when you wish to find out how you vibrate with prosperity. when you purchase something, how does it feel? pay close attention to your state of mind. do you feel worried? concerned? maybe a bit anxious? once we’ve decided to spend our money, it’s important to feel good about it, relish in prosperity and know you deserve whatever you bought for yourself. even when you need to pay taxes or a bill, enjoy what you get in return, electricity, phone services, the justice system, police protection, be aware that you are investing in the quality of your life. I know that maybe paying taxes can be investing in some matters that you don’t care or even don’t believe in, but try to focus on what you do get in return and be grateful for those services, remember some societies don’t offer the same.

Your relationship with the rich

This point is close to my heart. I often hear people talking negatively about others who have money, or as they sometimes refer to as ‘rich’. this is something I personally really don’t like because most of the times they don’t know that person and only judge them by what is in their bank account. even when they do know them, the strong belief that if you have money you probably use it for bad is clouding one’s judgment and is simply not fair! Guys, there are good people and bad people of every kind, there are amazing rich people and many poor assholes, money can corrupt and can also improve one’s personality. More important when you address these rich people in a negative way, you create a huge block for your financial situation, because these people represent money to you and now you vibrate the opposite of what they represent, in other words, you create a fight with money. 

Make an effort and never say anything bad about someone in relation to how much money they have, even if you think its a fact, it’s only hurting you and does not hurt them at all. I know I know there are many people who use their money in a horrible way, but there are just as many who do wonders with their money, give life, fund art, build, inspire donate and create opportunities for others, I know so many people like that. Find a person that represents both goodness and prosperity to you, it can be someone you know or someone public, start having a relationship with them on a daily basis, listen to them or read what they write. Try to find as many people like that until you separate having money and being bad until you feel you got rid of projecting negativity towards the rich until you are convinced that you will create good things with your fortune.

Free stuff

How do you treat free stuff? Free stuff can be some goods or services you get because of your work, it can also be a social event or even dinner at the friends house. Do you find that you will go somewhere because there is free food there ?! do you think about saving money when you should be thinking of the company or the content of the event?

How you react to free stuff communicate a message to the universe. If you go out of your way to get a free ride or act differently because it is free, the vibration you are creating is somewhat of a poor vibration.

I have a friend who is in the music business and often gets invited to parties and events, where alcoholic drinks are for free. Every time she used to go to one of these events, she would have a terrible hangover the next day, something that usually would not happen when we go out. She would call me to complain about how bad she felt with her headache and she would always say ‘free know’. In other words, because the drinks were free she drank more and more to the point of harming her body. By doing that she sends a message that she has so little, so when she gets something without paying, she must have as much as possible.

When you get something for free enjoy it and see how it is a form of prosperity that came to you, but do not change your actions or relate to the event from that point of view, if you find yourself thinking about the money you will save, simply ask yourself how would you act if it did cost you money and act from that place.

How do you treat $100?!

Allow me to rephrase the question. How do you react when you have lost $100? What about $5000? Have you ever had money lost or stolen from you? This is a golden opportunity to shape your vibration and create a prosperity mindset. When we lose money for no good reason it is upsetting no doubt, but we can turn it to our benefit. The way we react will tell a story and create our reality. For example, let’s say you had $100 in your pocket and when you reach your hand to take it, it is gone! How long will it take until you get over it?! If you make a big deal about it, think, talk and be upset about it for days, the energy you transmit is that $100 are so very important for you, that it is a lot of what you have and believe you can have. But if you take short moment to grief, learn from the mistake you’ve possibly made and then let it go, the story you tell is that money comes and go and you are open for cash to flow through you, your energy says that $100 is not such a big deal and you are ok with the loss. This is not easy because $100 can be a lot for someone, but the thing is grieving about it for days will not help! Take the opportunity and transform the situation to your benefit, let it go and hope that maybe someone who really needed it, found its way to it.

Generosity is having!!!

This is probably my favorite point of all. Generosity is the energy of having! There is always something to give and share. The opposite is also true, stinginess is the energy of not having! When you save on giving you communicate ‘i don’t have enough’. When you share what you have you declare that you are always being provided. Generosity is beautiful, I love to be in its presence! the more you share the more you’ll have.

Money is like a breath

In and out in and out. Just like the air that comes in our lungs and then soon leaves, money is the same. Just like the air is not ‘our air’, money is the same. Don’t get attached to the money you have, try not to say ‘my money’ instead you can say ‘the money i have’, because the more you let it flow out the easier it will flow in. by holding tight and getting attached you vibrate not having.

There is so much money in the world

This part is dedicated to the entrepreneurs among us, or anyone with an idea, a project or a new business they wish to launch.  I often talk to people who want to accomplish something, wants to fulfill a dream or start a new business and they are stopping themselves because there is money to invest, amounts they don’t have. There is indeed so much money in the world and it is up to up to find our way to it.  When our mind starts to dream and we block ourselves once we hit the notion of costs, we should consider that there are so many people with money that wish to invest in excited, talented people! If you vibrate lack, the people who can help you will not harmonize with you, on some level they will know you can’t handle these amounts, and they will be right.

Instead, make a decision how much it is that you need to invest, right down the number and start feeling good about it, visualize all the money that is flying in the air every minute of every day and imagine that someone out there is waiting for you to share your idea and partner with you. People who have money often look for a new project to invest in, where they can leverage their time and fortune and one way to do it is by partnering with people who are passionate and are willing to work hard. Some investors prefer a heartfelt project rather than a cold return on their money. Make sure you see these possibilities and by doing that you are open for it.

Anytime you are wondering whether you vibrate prosperity or lack, ask yourself this wonderfully useful question: how would I think, talk or act of I had $10million in the bank?! this question will not only lead you to a prosperous mindset but the more you stay with this thought, the more you create life around it, feelings, ideas, possibilities.
Surely our energy is not enough, we should take action too! this post is about taking small changes that might have a very big effect, it’s about tuning and harmonizing with having and by doing that becoming one with prosperity and opportunity.

I truly wish for each person in this world to feel safe and provided, I believe it all starts with us.

Love ❤

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