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Conversations with my body

This is a topic I’ve been exploring since an early age. As a teenager I used to play mind games with myself, investigating whether my thoughts can influence the material world around me. I call this chapter in my head – ‘Maya is eating an apple’. the reason for this name is that this was my first little private experiment. Maya was my neighbor and I wanted to check what would happen if I repeated this sentence out loud and in my head again and again.  The results came the very next day and you can already guess what was it that I saw.. But that didn’t really excite me, because Maya was often to be seen and apples were often to be eaten.

I went on and developed an inner world around this experiments, which until today has this name ‘Maya is eating an apple’. These experiments went deeper and more meaningful, I tried to apply them to more valuable aspects of my life and I didn’t stop since then.

After the world validated that my thoughts influence the reality around me, I started thinking: if I can be a factor in the sensory world around me, maybe my thoughts have an effect on objects as well, the things I own, the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the instruments I play on. In many cultures and religions, we can find rituals such as blessing over the food and drinks as well as on different objects being used, I believe they apply the same concept, whether they realize it or not.

I was 22 years old When I first came across Dr. Emoto and his book ‘the Message from the Water’. I remember everything about that day and will probably never forget. When I saw it tears came down from my eyes! I was so thrilled to know science facts can back up what was a private discussion I had with myself, a matter I was often embarrassed to share with others. the environment I grew up in was not so open to these kinds of ideas, then anyway. More than that, I was feeling a rush of ecstasy to learn that this is really how the world operates.

If you haven’t heard about ‘the message from the water’, it is an experiment conducted by a Japanese doctor name Masaru Emoto. He was on a mission to investigate whether vibrations of thoughts can alter matter, in this case, water. He filled up bottles from the local river and photographed the single water drops under the microscope. Then he did different things to each bottle, some he gave to monks and asked them to bless the bottle, some he had many people repeat a certain phrase towards the bottle, some were exposed to music, to some bottles he merely attached a sticker with words. The messages on the bottles vary from ‘The Chi of Love’, ‘Thank you’ all the way to ‘You make me sick’, ‘I want to kill you’.


The results were mind-blowing. The pure drop from the river looks clean and almost shapeless, but once manipulated with thoughts, the water drops took amazing shapes. The positive affirmations altered the drops into spectacular shapes, similar to snowflakes, the ones with the negative affirmations not only had somewhat of a disturbing non-shape but also had a revolting color to them, one which appeared only after applying negative thoughts to the bottle. the flexibility of water allows us to see how they change, as water can easily change, but the same is true to any other molecule

If you haven’t seen the video or haven’t read the book, I cannot recommend it more! This knowledge should be studied by kids in schools and is truly a revelation that we cannot afford to live without.

Recently Dr. Emoto was addressing what seems to be a worldwide law when cigarette and tobacco products are marked with the health warning and terrorizing pictures of sick people and children. He was saying that those images on the product are a bigger harm than the product itself. I can’t help it but agree! one might wonder why the law does not demand that such warnings will be labeled on other products that harm us, sugar candies, coca cola, hard liquor etc. but that’s a topic for another post.

Since Emoto and long before him, many scholars from different fields concluded that our thoughts and intentions have a huge influence on the world we live in. Emoto’s project is just one example, it is not a secret (anymore) it is a miraculous scientific fact, yet still, it is not implemented into our media, education, justice system and everyday life as a society.

The rule and our life

What can I say, I am just delighted that our world works this way, it makes me feel hopeful, safe and happy. I have implemented this concept in many aspects of my life and still sometimes forget how my energy influence everything around me, including material objects.

Ask yourself how do you treat, think or speak to the objects around you? Do you hit your car with anger when it doesn’t do what it suppose to do? Do you curse your phone sometimes?  Do you find yourself tossing aside an outfit that is too small?!

The idea of talking to objects seem far and even crazy to most people, even hugging a tree is a lot for some, but today I’d like to dedicate this post to one specific material object that is always with us.

The way we treat our body.

This post was inspired by an experience I had a few years ago, I was driving to a festival with a few girls I didn’t know so well, they were not close friends. We had a beautiful drive through the west US, the views were mesmerizing. Throughout this 40 hours journey, I notice these girls constantly shaming their own body and appearance. Honestly, it took me by surprise, it reminded me of my high school friends who used to do that, but I guess since then my close circle of friends was different, because it was so harsh and unusual for me to hear. They were saying how their asses were too big, bellies are too soft, nose is too weird, skin is too old, hair is too dry and on and on, generally kept putting themselves down, I kept thinking how can I tell them they are harming themselves, how can I offer them to love their body, even merely for vanity, but I kept my mouth shut and just digested it all in, at a certain point it seems that the fact I don’t do it, means I think so highly of my appearance.

Well, I do! Not because it is so special but because it gives me peace of mind and makes everything better.

It was long ago that I made a conscious decision to never shame my body, not to talk bad about it, treat my body as I would treat my best friend’s body, would you tell your best friend her ass is too big? Her skin is too old? No! You would see the beauty in her and probably tell her that! So why you feel the need and liberty to speak this way about your own body?

What about when you have a pimple? Do you find yourself hating it? Even cursing it? How about when you are sick? How many times during your illness do you say the word ‘sick’? Isn’t it the best time to talk about health? How about when you are Overweight? find a new wrinkle? thin hair? balding? The more you speak and think negatively towards your body the more it will turn bad. What if instead, you speak kind, loving words towards it? Can it change for the better? Is it possible?

In the risk of sounding crazy, I’d like to tell you about one of the experiments I told you about early in the post, this one was about my hair. I decided that I wanted nicer looking hair, not only I started speaking nice to it, but I also decided that eating dried apricots will make my hair better, so I spoke to the apricots as well…yes I did. The results were just fantastic and yes it took some belief in the process, if you are not there yet with belief, just like ‘The message from the water’ there are many options to open our mind to this aspect, of what we call ‘reality’.

There is a good chance that with your thoughts you can take your body to places you might consider gone or you forever changed. Do your own experiments, begin with ones that you don’t feel so attached to the results, like ‘Maya is eating an apple’ didn’t matter to me so much if she will or not, something purely for investigation and does not involve many emotions on your side.

When we eat

I would like to add a special note to the thoughts we have while we eat. If you have met me 2 years ago, you’d tell me that I have no say in the matter because I was born skinny and my genes are just so, maybe you would have told me that I can’t understand people who fight weight problems…well! I got pregnant 2 years ago, my baby is just over one year old. Do you know those women who get their body shape back after 12 weeks?! That was not me! It took a loooooong time and I am not there yet, but I had the privilege to go through a whole new feeling of what it’s like to be overweight, an experience I’ve never had before. I had the chance to practice all I know and see how things are when I don’t apply. This section about eating is dedicated to everyone who is fighting weight problems.

Ask yourself this: what do you think about when you eat? What do you vibrate? Do you put something in your mouth and think ‘mm this is going to make me fat?’ can you feel your thighs getting bigger as you eat? You might tell me ‘Noa, some food is fattening!’ and you are right, but the thoughts coming along with those bites are creating a connection between you and the fat.

What if you could convert these thoughts?! What if you vibrate that all that is coming in, just as fast is going out. I am not offering to just work on your thoughts while eating crap, surely losing weight involves a lot of efforts, exercise, and most definitely healthy food, but I hear so many stories of people who no matter what, do not lose weight.

Maybe our thoughts are not all it takes but do consider what is happening in your mind while you eat. The way I see the world, the bad thoughts about the ice-cream is making us more fat than the ice-cream itself.

I’ve had the pleasure to speak to many people who think this is all nonsense, try for yourself and I would absolutely LOVE to hear how it went. And even if you don’t believe it, at least you can enjoy a nicer conversation inside your head.

With love to one of my favorite ideas in the world ❤ 

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