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About one type of freedom

Confidence is not about always feeling beautiful, its about being comfortable to feel ugly and weird.

Confidence is not about always feeling strong, it’s about sometimes being weak and vulnerable.

Confidence is not about always feeling belong, it’s about embracing lonely moments and stay with them, breath in them.

Maybe i should make a list of all the things i think i am, all the things i like about the story i call ‘myself’ and get comfortable with all that opposes those. Id like to be free from any definitions.
Yes, I’d like to be free from my personal prisons that are the qualities i don’t like about myself,
But the things i love about myself are just as prisons, if i am afraid to lose them, if i am attached to them.
Are the things i love most about myself can be taken away from me?! Like Beauty, success, money, soacial status, fame.
Or are they mine as long as i chose it and can not be taken by anyone, besides me, such as: generosity, kindness, humor.

It often seems to me that the whole concept of confidence is reflected through how much I can laugh at myself.
I often ask myself, what would be the worst thing that someone can tell me, what sentence can take me out of my joy and into stress? what insults me the most? These answers hold my personal freedom and prisons.

Its a beautiful cycle, once i release the control, of trying to be something i think will make me feel amazing about myself, i become more free and i just feel amazing about the world.

Prisons are many, Freedom is one.

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