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We are energy creating machines

What is the connection between mind, intellect, head, and brain?

When we have a thought we naturally point to our head, implying that the thought was created in the brain, which is inside the head.

It was said many times that there is no real proof or evidence that thoughts are happening in the brain, where is our consciousness ? does it have a physical base, an organ from which it is produced like the saliva is produced in our mouth and sperms are produced in the testicles. .

To me the idea that my thoughts are in my brain sounds almost insane, as much as we are so conditioned to perceive our brain as the creator of thoughts, how can anything metaphysical be bound in the physical ?? as opposed to saliva which is physical, thoughts are not, so how can they be produced in the physical??

The process of creation

To explain what I mean, let’s take a look at The process of creation in our world, it is always the same and is ever true. it goes like this:  creation begins in the subtle realm and progress to materialize, towards the material realm.

Let’s understand this through the process of a creation of a building


The triangle represents the progression of the subtleties, from the endless possibilities, towards the gross/ material realm, single pointed possibility once materialized.

In the example of a creation of a building, in the vastest part, the base and substratum of every building in the world is the concept of Shelter, people need a roof above their head – a shelter. So the energy that initiated each and every building is the energy that is the global need for shelter.  This energy is so vast and big, that not only every building was due to it, but also every person in the world needs it, you might say it’s one of the qualities of mankind! To need a shelter.

In this vast realm, the possibilities are endless, every shelter can be built.

And so in order for a building to be created, a process of creation must begin, which turns this shelter energy to become more and more concentrated:

The next steps:

  • Smart space for shelter – a specific area which the shelter need is a presence because humans are there in that specific area, in this realm, there are still many possibilities, such as: where to build, what, how, which colors, which furnitures etc.
  • Thoughts – once a – place + people = the possibilities for shelter, the need for shelter start creating thoughts of shelter, still lots of possibilities, but less and less.
  • Talking/words:  communicating with fellow humans is the next step, which, you guessed it, fewer the possibilities.
  • Sketching & Designing:  putting into paper and suddenly it has a physical form, a paper you can touch and see. (2 senses) at this point, the possibilities are singled in number.
  • Building the building: the most physical form of shelter. The possibility is one, meaning the building is there, there is no option or possibility for a different building (5 senses)

What I love about this example is that it clearly shows how at the end physical, materialized result, is holding in its existence all the steps that came before the end part of actually building the building. The energy of shelter is an inseparable part of the building, without it, it would not exist. The same for talking about it, sketching it and all the other parts of a building creation process.

Each of the steps might have been the last step of this specific creation process, but wherever it would have stopped, it will hold the steps that came before. Not all thought become words, but can we say something without thinking it a micro-moment before? no!

Each of the steps brings the next one and the more it is practiced, the quicker the next step appears.

This example is true to each and every physical circumstance in our life, our home, our job, disease, relationships, everything!!!

First comes energy, then thought, words, actions.

So why do we ever bother to try and change anything in the physical realm, without considering the metaphysical first, the early steps of whatever it is that was created in our life, the truth about the process of creation, will not allow this to happen!

Considering the metaphysical might bring questions such as:

  • What is the energy of this disease?
  • What is the source of all our fights?
  • What is the part of me that makes me feel I belong to this job?

These type of questions takes us to the source and allows us to understand the energy of our material world and as a result, begin and master the circumstances of our life.

The best news is – WE ARE ENERGY CREATING MACHINES! We can produce energy by choice, we have the mighty ability to connect to any energy there is in the world. We can produce and connect to an energy and it doesn’t matter what is happening in the physical world, we have the ability to sit in a prison and create the same energy as we are on the beach in Thailand. That’s kinda magical!

The transmitter

The understanding that I can connect to any energy in the world, is one of the most important realizations I have ever had. And practicing it allowed my natural state of happiness to shine consistently.

And that takes me back to the brain, head, thinking question:

What is the connection between mind, intellect, head, and brain?

Are thoughts produced in our brain?

I said before that this seems insane to me because of the creation process, how can something more vast, have a physical source. It is the exact opposite.

The brain is the transmitter! It is a tool, a muscle, the filter of all the energy around us.

Just like any muscle it has an intelligence that operates it, there are ways to make this muscle weak and there are ways to make it strong.

Just like any other muscle, it operates through the power of choice, our choice, to which energy we want to connect. We are energy creating machines. and just like any other muscle, the tendency of it is to be weak and dull, unless worked on, if I don’t work on my muscles they won’t be strong, the brain is the same and just like when you meet someone who goes often to the gym, you can see it right away, same goes to the gym of the brain.

For example the abdominals muscles. All abs operate the same, the intelligence that operates my abs, is the same that operates yours. ‘Absness’ is one. I know how to make it weak and how to make it strong. These ways will work on all abs in the world! I choose to which energy to connect, which then determines the quality of my abs. Questions I might ask: what is the energy of strong abs? what is of weak ones?

So the brain is the same, a muscle. It is a muscle that process information, does not create the thoughts but process them, file them, categorize them, associate them and use them when needed. Just like the abs, there is a way to make this tool strong and working best for me or weak and working against me.

The trick is that it feels like thoughts and that’s why we all still point at our heads when we want to manually demonstrate a thought, but the brain is just the office assistance of thoughts, the organizer, if messy – A mess, if clean and trained – a well-runned office!

Finally getting to my point… This is important because all we need to do is train the brain, then happiness, joy, love are just there, they are always there, but a messy brain is like clouds that cover the sun, the sun is always there, and not even aware or affected by the existence of the clouds, but from our perspective on earth, a tiny cloud can cover the whole mighty sun!

We are bliss!!! we are made of miraculous stardust, we are geniuses of love and creation, pure happiness, ecstasy!

It’s not a place we need to get, it’s what we already are! and the fewer clouds in our sky, the more this truth is revealed.

This makes things simple, all I need to do is train my brain?! Yes, all I need to do is train my brain!

We all know how, we have heard it a million times, from anyone who knows anything:

Meditation, exercise, visualize, read, surround ourselves with people who want the same energy as us, think about our finite time on this planet, dance, laugh, fuck, read, jump, eat healthy, travel etc etc etc we know it all!

This realization, that my brain is just a tool, allowed me to dis-identify with thoughts (lower mind) and train my brain to serve as clear skies so that the ideas, revelation, and peace (higher mind) will shine.

Love, Noa

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