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Dream & Regrets

Dreams and regrets are two sides of the same coin. fulfilled dreams become a beautiful reality, the ones who follow their dreams, goals, and passions are setting themselves for a magical life, they wake up in the morning with a thrill, they are excited about life and due to their positive disposition, they spread joy and love. .

Unfulfilled dreams are dangerous! if you think you will not follow those beautiful urges inside you and nothing will happen, you are utterly wrong. the dreams that are present in your life are a gift, they are the fire burning in you and they are meant to be chased and fulfilled, our dreams are the universe way of communicating with us what we need to do and where we need to go, they are the whispers we can not ignore, they are more than just joy making machines for our selfish use, but following them again and again, will lead us to our purpose and Dharma, un-fulfilled dreams take the ugly, horrible shape of regret.

I believe regret is the hell upon earth! there is no worse feeling. its the one emotion that stays with us until the day we die.

I once heard an amazing quote about regret, that shook me to my core:

‘On the day you die the person you became, meets the person you could have become and that’s the definition of heaven and hell’

wow! this sentence is with me often and motivates me, in fact, pondering over my own death and the end of my life has been a huge tool for me, it reminds me to live NOW and to not procrastinate on what matters the most.

I grew up in a beautiful quiet place, it’s a small community, a social community which provides everything to its members, like a big family who is always there for you, always take care of you, no matter if you are productive, lazy, sick, smart or stupid. in my home village, people have very little survival worries, they have almost no bills, schools payment or enrollments to worry about, medical is the best, insurance is covered, we have a private beach, fruits on the trees, birds, animals and zero cars. Sounds like heaven?! It can be!

But growing up it was clear as the sun that people are not living to the fullest, I could see fears, worries, lack of confidence and overall low vibration thought patterns.  I had the privilege to start life with the clear conviction: happiness does not come from one’s circumstances! especially if those circumstances were given to you, rather than you reaching, achieving and creating on your own.  I assume that if I didn’t grow up there, I could easily go 20, 30 even 40 years of life, thinking that lack of bills and beautiful beaches is the secret to happiness, so I consider myself lucky that my adulthood started with a deep awareness that happiness is found within us. As I child it was a huge passion of mine, to understand why people aren’t happy in this paradise, I wondered what is happiness and how does one live to the fullest?! I found that I love listening to people and I could always hear between the lines what is really going on in one’s mind, I could always see a person’s fears as well as their true strengths and gifts.

As I was watching the people around me, I knew with all my heart that this was not going to be me, I knew my dreams were so big and are there to become reality and not regrets.

dreams and regrets are two sides of the same coin, and so a wonderful way to find out what are your dreams is to ask yourself: what are the things which if I don’t do will make me feel regret, will make me wish I had chosen better, go beyond my fears and limitations and experience the joy that is called being myself.

what is the energy of regret? what stands behind it? it seems to me that regret crip as a surprise of your limited time on earth as if you didn’t know you will be soon gone and somehow you thought you had all the time in the world. I am not sure why society and the school system don’t incorporate more discussions about our final days, about our death, I think its a huge miss in our modern culture as if death is a taboo and not to be spoken of, the lack of that discussion really implement the notion that we have all the time in the world, furthermore, thoughts of my death are so peaceful for me, it makes me feel like my little worries are stupid and tiny, like my fears are managable and I know that everyone who ever thinks anything about me, will die too and soon! when the time is right, I plan to tell my daughter a great deal about her finite nature, I would like her to think about it and be aware of it.

the Tibetan wisdom says: ‘in the west, the natural state of death is considered to be a crime against humanity, how can a beautiful fact of life is a threat instead of a gift’.

in the movie, ‘Sparta’ Achilles played by Brad Pit, says: ‘ the Gods envy the human because our time is limited, everything is so precious because we soon are gone, this moment will never return and you will not be as beautiful as you are today’.

Louis c.k says: ‘ you’re all gonna die. then you’ll be dead way longer than you were alive, that’s mostly what you’ll ever gonna be, you’re just dead people that didn’t die yet…’

I imagine that my last moments on earth will ponder around these two, dreams & regrets.

so as long as we live…

with so much love to life ❤

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