Vibration is sound. just like in music certain tunes match each other in harmony and others clash with each other and create disharmony, our vibration is the same. we are creating the song of our life with the sound of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and words.  our energy can be tuned to the reality we wish to have.

Hey beloved readers. My name is Noa. I am an artist and an Empowering Coach.

I grew up in a Kibbutz in Israel, spend a decay in New York City and moved from there to Berlin, Germany, With lots of travels in between and many different people.

From a young age, I always loved listening to people’s stories, trying to understand why they do what they do, trying to relate to every story I hear. I admire when people are open, honest and vulnerable. This blog is inspired by many hours of listening.

For me, the most wonderful thing is to see someone gets rid of a prison he/she once had and take another step in the direction of freedom. It is so beautiful! and so ideas that contribute to our personal freedom are the subjects of my posts. I truly believe that by healing ourselves we can heal the world. I think that liberation starts within us and I dream of a world of freedom, opportunities, and love for all.

I decided to turn my passion for freedom and happiness into a profession, working as an Empowering coach is one of the most rewarding and natural work I’ve ever done. I see everyone on this planet as a unique shining star and in my work, I help people to experience themselves in the same way.

I am honored to be the co-founder of a New York-based Jewelry company called Lionette www.lionetteny.com I design jewelry for the last 13 years and recently decided to make a life around this huge passion I have had since childhood. in this blog I would love to share this new journey with you.

I am a lucky mama and partner/lover to my baby papa, I love my family more than anything in the world.


I would love to hear from you, feel free to contact me@allyouneedtonoa.com

Written with an open heart and an open mind ❤