Transformation & Empowering Coaching


The GENIUS in you exist, let’s make it ALIVE. 

What do I do?!

I am a Transformation & Empowerment Coach, I help people who feel they want to have more out of life, my clients often feel their talents and powers and wasted and I help them connect to their powers and the universal intelligence

I help people connect with their amazing creative powers, learn how to create the reality of their dreams. By removing fears and limitations such as being judged and ridiculed, fear of failure and success, issues of self-worth and confidence, my clients can tune to the energy of abundance and love and be the shining star they are born to be. I use proven techniques that will help my client master their energy and emotions as well as teach them how to plan, take action and reach their goals, one by one.

My mission

I dream of a world where people are free to be themselves, in all their many colours, shapes and creative expressions.  my mission is to see as many people in the world happy, liberated and successful, to see people’s brilliance shine through, in the unique way each and every one of us was born with. The human story needs the kind of healing that self-love and confidence can bring, I am so happy and honoured to be a part of that healing

In our 10 sessions course we will cover:

  • True-self
  • limiting beliefs, fears, worries and limitations
  • confidence & self-love
  • mental habits
  • money mindset

  • creative powers
  • laws of manifestation
  • law of attraction
  • setting goals
  • planning and taking action

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